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How to Plan for the Holidays as Newlyweds by Life Coach - Julie Morris

How to Plan for the Holidays as Newlyweds

Congratulations on your first holiday season as a married couple! It’s truly a special time. It’s the first holiday season of your two families becoming one. If you are planning to do a little hosting this year, have no fear! With a little planning and some holiday cheer, you can have the perfect festivities bringing everyone together.

Safely decorating the home

Safety should always be your primary concern around the holidays. To make sure decorating the house goes as smoothly as possible, follow standard procedures for electrical safety. Double check lights for frays and cracks. Throw out old strands that may cause a hazard. When hanging lights outside, stay away from overhead power lines. Never let indoor lights touch drapes, furniture, or other flammable materials. Instead of nails or tacks, use clips to secure lights to walls and railings. Finally, prevent trip hazards by keeping walkways clear and only placing decorations in low traffic areas.

Holiday party-hosting tips for newly married couples

When planning your first big holiday party as a married couple, keep things as simple as possible. Make a detailed outline of everything you want your party to have and split the shopping and other planning duties between the two of you. Pick a simple theme and stick with it to cut down on the stress of decision making. Send out invitations as soon as possible and request RSVPs a week in advance of the party date so you can have a good idea on how much food and beverages you need to buy.

Don’t make things too complicated by planning more than you can achieve in a reasonable amount of time. Instead of a multi-course meal served with specialty cocktails, provide simple appetizers people can snack on throughout the party and a self-serve bar. Also: don’t neglect the kids at the party! Set up a fun-filled corner with activities, toys, or crafts with which kids can entertain themselves without getting into trouble. Finally, don’t get too stressed out. Make a concerted effort to go with the flow and avoid freaking out over things that are out of your control. It’s just a party-- it’s not that serious!

Managing Family and In-laws

Remember that the holidays are supposed to be a time of celebration, so don’t let the little things that don’t really matter get you down. Keep the mood lighthearted when family and in-laws are together by playing calming music and keeping the home well lit. The right lighting can help improve people’s moods and improve productivity. Meanwhile songs that you find soothing can help ease tensions in the home and even quiet unruly children.

Wish List Ideas

When crafting a wish list for holiday gifts, look for things that every newlywed couple needs in the home. While you probably picked out big ticket items like furniture and appliances together as a couple, the holiday season is the perfect time to ask for smaller things that are nice, but they aren’t necessarily a design focus. Think kitchen accessories, room accents, and things that make your house smell good.

  • Indoor Plants

  • Picture Frames

  • Spice Set and Rack

  • Handcrafted Candles

  • Gourmet Candles

  • Practical Knives

  • Top Shelf Liquor

  • Super-Warm Throw Blankets

  • Flavored Vinegars

  • A Grown-Up Dish Set

The first holiday season post being bride and groom is a time for celebration. Get all of the planning you need to do completed ahead of time so you can fully immerse yourselves in the fun. Decorate your house with peace of mind by following proper safety standards. Have fun-filled holiday parties by keeping things streamlined and simple and delegating duties between the two of you. Make sure even family and in-laws stay positive by creating a comforting environment with lighting and music. Finally, take advantage of holiday gifts to ask for things that make your newlywed’s house a home.


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